Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brick & Lace Sophomore Album & Solo Projects

Happy New Year Guys!!!!

Guess What?? Brick & Lace have loadssss locked in store for their fans. According to both Nailah and Nyanda, they will definitely be releasing their long anticipated Sophomore (Second) Album this year, 2013. The Album features lighter, more fun material from the girls and supposedly features production from producors such as Darkchild, Chris Birch, and loads more...!!! The Album is definitely Number one on this year's checklist for all B&L fans worldwide.

Also, to keep fans busy in the meantime, Brick & Lace have officially made history. As of this month and for a few more months, Nailah and Nyanda have decided to spread their wings and talent a bit and have split!!! Yes, but its no ordinary split, so fans can relax... and even be excited!! Both Nyanda and Nailah are working on solo projects and are set to release solo music along with their "Brick & Lace" music.

Nyanda has already kicked off the new year by working with Christopher Birch, who also produced their hit singles 'Bad To Di Bone' and 'Room Service', and THE WIZARD, who is the official Producer-Ambassador for the hit Jamaican dance show called "In The Dance".  The song is set to hit pretty soon, probably by the end of this month, and its sure to be a setfire dance track.

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In the Pic, Nyanda and Nailah with The Secret State Members

The ladies of Brick & Lace have been busy as well, in the song-writing quartet, Bloodline, with their other sisters Candace and Tasha. Bloodline has lately been writing alot of material for other artists, including the latest rock band who are storming the US, by the name of "The Secret State" . The Secret State's new album features hits from Bloodline's remarkable talents.

There's alot to expect this year!!! Keep updated and look out for more from Brick & Lace/Bloodline...

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